Ideas, Experiments and cool stuff!

Lab experiment

Experimenting with new ways to teach, learn and research Quran.

GlobalQuran is a simple web app (pure javascript+html). Host on your site, on mobile, WordPress, Facebook or for offline usage.

Corpus Data View + More!

See Screenshots.

  • Word-by-word + grammar + translations all in 1 place. No need to context switch.
  • Ayah's tagged with Miracles & Rhetorical features.
  • Context relevant info + links + teaching-aid icons.
  • Offline search by Root, Noun. Synonyms/Antonyms.
  • Widgets:- simple standalone applications.

80% done - adding new view

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Developer Layout

New Layout using twitter bootstrap css framework to help developers easily depeloy there work and change anything on layout.

50% done - adding player

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Tajweed Tool

Tajweed tool to easily help teachers and helpers to easily color code the Quran words in colorful tajweed letters, to help students learn Quran from tajweed text.

40% done - selection highlighter

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